The Bus Party!!

On 12th August, 2011 the BIGGEST bus party the Caribbean has ever seen went down! with over 800 people packed into 18 yellow buses all playing Hip Hop, Dance, Dancehall/Reggae or Soca, it was a crazy night… ViZion and Teff took the opportunity to remix Wacka flocka’s “Grove St Party” and shoot a video of this insane event!!

Also known for throwing SUPER DOPE parties in his homeland Barbados, ViZion and two well known local promoters, Josh Banfield of the URBAN brand ,and promoter/artist/deejay Jus Jay King, infamous for his LIQUID raves, brainstormed a concept for one of the biggest Bus Parties EVER. With 18 packed buses, fully loaded with heavy sound systems (as is common with public transportation in Barbados) and a fully decked out music truck, 2 drinks trucks to hold people’s coolers and a ‘secret location’ for an all out, all night rave, tickets sold out in 5 days.

ViZion collaborated with MDM (Million Dollar Music) teammate Teff Mayweather, to make “Bus Party” as a way of hyping up the event while at the same time showing the world a taste of the Caribbean lifestyle, and lyrical content the MDM group possesses.

In a totally organic video shoot, the buses arrived and loaded up on the south coast, while people arrived to the cooler party and kicked the event off. An hour later, all 18 buses drove as a convoy from the southern to the northern tip of the island, partying the whole way. The secret location itself was at North Point, a remote outdoor area known for its cliffs, beautiful caves and rough seas, and was fully decked out with laser lighting. the buses parked so that they formed a ring around everyone…

The party at this location would be difficult to describe in words… and unfortunately, no footage of it exists as the solo camera man lost the two artists in the mayhem!! Police eventually showed up on the scene and shut everything down, on the grounds that they feared the crowd could turn into a mob and that ‘The Bus Party’ was disturbing the peace.

Everyone got back on all 18 buses, partied all the way back to the south coast and despite this, ‘The Bus Party’ went down as one of the most epic and unique parties Barbados has ever seen. Dont believe us, check the video for yourself!

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