ViZion is one of the hottest rising stars out of Barbados and the Caribbean. From his catalogue of previous singles, current mix-tape that’s getting buzz in the streets to his Hip Hop/Reggae Barbadian style, ViZion is a fresh unique voice and also adds a new spin on the quality of talent coming out of Barbados for 2013. ~ Jeanille Bonterre, Tempo TV Networks

One of the most exciting young prospects to come out of Barbados since Rihanna.
~ Mikey Hulsmeier, Producer/CEO, De Red Boyz

An award winning Hip Hop artist from Barbados, ViZion has a distinctive singing and rap style. With a captive and growing fan base, he is one of the Caribbean’s most exciting upcoming urban artists.

Growing up in the parish of Christ Church on the south coast of the island, Oliver Gale a.k.a. ViZion was surrounded by the sounds of Caribbean music as a child. Inspired by dancehall and reggae superstars such as Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and Damian Marley the young artist, at the age of 14, began writing and recording original dancehall songs at home with friends. A few years later, at the age of 17, he moved to Canada to attend boarding school and it was here that he developed his passion for hip hop. He soon began performing at school talent shows.

Notable influences on his developing style were Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z and Nas.

In 2007 ViZion released his first studio single and regional radio hit Girl I Need You and began performing at major festivals in Barbados, including Reggae on the Hill, Reggae on the Beach. These shows had audiences of up to 15,000 people and were headlined by some of the biggest stars in reggae and dancehall. On the back of these shows and music ViZion was nominated for Best Reggae Artist and Best New Artist at the Barbados Music Awards.

Soon after high school ViZion moved to England. As a university student he devoted himself to his music career and performed across the country, opening shows for established UK hip-hop artists, notably international superstar Tinchy Stryder, receiving regular airplay and increasing attention.

Once back in his homeland of Barbados ViZion founded the street brand and Indie label Authentic Revolution Inc. and began work on his first studio album Dream or Die. His 1st radio single Hustle Hard, received massive airplay in Barbados and throughout the Caribbean. As the year progressed, ViZion released two more singles and music videos. By the end of 2011, he was receiving steady rotation on every mainstream radio station in Barbados and across others in the Caribbean, UK and USA.

This grassroots movement caught the attention of producers in the USA and ViZion was flown to Atlanta, Georgia where he performed at a number of clubs and events, in the process winning an award for his energetic performance at ABEX (Atlanta Business Entertainment Exchange). That year also saw the music video for The Beach House, the 3rd single off his debut album Dream or Die, reach #1 on Tempo TV Top 10 Cross Caribbean Countdown, staying there until it was retired.

In late 2012 ViZion moved to New York City to release his first mixtape #SolAR and in so doing gain exposure in the US market. After performing at Webster Hall and a number of smaller venues in Soho, ViZion caught the attention of persons in the entertainment industry. With the help of these new team members, ViZion was granted a US work visa and started writing, recording and filming music videos in Manhattan.

His achievements were once again acknowledged in Barbados when he was nominated for a second time at the prestigious Barbados Music Awards (BMAs). This time the nomination was for his urban music and in recognition of his growing international appeal. ViZion went on to win the 2012 award for Hip Hop Artist of the Year. He was again nominated for the same award in 2013.

Currently residing in the USA ViZion is focusing his efforts on his first international EP album.



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